Additional services

Functions of Customer
Implementation of design projects is a long process, which requires sufficient time and patience. Not all customers have both. To replace these, sometimes missing, components, we offer our services, freeing up the Customer's time...
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Furnishing objects
The composition of most design projects includes several weighty specifications for the completion of objects with finishing materials, furniture, light, plumbing, etc. We offer our services of reliable intermediaries in furnishing apartments, country houses and commercial facilities...
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Decoration of interior
The important finishing touch in the process of creating interior design is the stage of decoration. Truly “completed” interior is abundantly supplemented by many accessories that form unique atmosphere...
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Design of corporate identity
The style of the firm or corporate identity is a set of recognizable and memorable graphic images that are assembled into a certain visual and harmonious connection. Without high quality development of corporate style, it is difficult to imagine any successful business project...
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Design of visual communications
A very common task in the sphere of organizing the architectural environment is the task of developing a visual communications system. This task is typical for the design of projects for hotels, office centers, shopping centers, railway stations, airports, etc...
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While implementing the concept of integrated approach to solving project problems, we offer a number of additional services. In addition to the basic package of services necessary and sufficient to create a full-fledged design project, we are ready to offer additional related services. The list of these additional services includes assistance in the question of the object equipment, execution of the Customer's functions and decoration of the interior.


The listed services assume significant reduction in time required for the implementation of the design project. The experience of the ICON design studio specialists will help to avoid many mistakes and deviations, which are observed while making independent attempts to solve similar problems. Save your time, trust professionals.


Solving the problems of creating interior design for commercial purposes, we are ready to offer qualified assistance in creating elements of corporate identity. By offering this additional service, we believe that the integrity and recognizability of the image should be supported not only by spatial compositions, but also by carefully thought-out elements of graphic design.


Within the framework of the implemented projects, the ICON design studio had to offer the requested design solutions for adjacent design directions. In our portfolio, we have implemented designs for storefronts, trade modules, navigation system, the expo design and much more.

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