Design of corporate identity

The style of the firm or corporate identity is a set of recognizable and memorable graphic images that are assembled into a certain visual and harmonious connection. Without high quality development of corporate style, it is difficult to imagine any successful business project.

Basis of basics

In our work we have to deal with tasks directly or indirectly related to the need to use the corporate style in our projects. Restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels, car dealerships and many other objects must somehow have own unique name and own unique visual and verbal images and elements of graphic design. These images are not taken from nowhere. They are invented, they are created. These images are created by designers. We also have experience and skills in developing corporate logos and corporate identities and in creating a guide to corporate identity.

Others’ mistakes

There are projects which already have primary elements of corporate identity. In such projects, our task is to develop these basic elements, accurately translating them into the architectural environment. If design of the corporate style is fashionable and modern, then its continuation also turns out like this. If the existing style is primitive and ugly, then much has to be changed, because if the basic elements are bad, then the prospects for continuing in a beautiful and harmonious way are very illusory. This graphic design has to be redone.

Creating a corporate identity from scratch

We had many examples in our work, when the corporate style had to be created from scratch. Step by step, forming all the necessary elements: brand name, logo, corporate font, color, layout options for the brand and much more. Having developed the basic elements of style, we take them as a basis for the execution of interior projects. Thus, the Customer is offered a holistic vision. From the first to the last detail. The management of the corporate style for many large companies includes a detailed description and interior solutions. All these decisions are subject to the corporate culture philosophy - corporate design.

Attitude to question

The ICON design studio considers the question of integrity and recognition of corporate images as very important. Therefore, in our work we try to give considerable attention to this issue. Architectural environment and interior design should not be separated from the basic principles of corporate style. On the contrary. These elements are closely related and seriously contribute to the recognizability and memorability of the image.


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