Design of visual communications

A very common task in the sphere of organizing the architectural environment is the task of developing a visual communications system. This task is typical for the design of projects for hotels, office centers, shopping centers, railway stations, airports, etc.

Essence of concept

Visual communication systems are a graphical language, thanks to which it is possible to help a guest of a hotel or a office center to find landmarks in the space, to get clear understanding of the purpose of the space or object with which he/she is in contact. This, in a way, is the “graphical interface” of the architectural environment.


Visual communications in design can have many graphic styles. Often they are subject to the corporate style of the space where they are located. Sometimes the design of visual communications environment is the main carrier of corporate identity. A common case is the combination of a graphic image and a font. In this case, there are two stylistic methods: subordination of the font to the graphic image or subordination of the graphic image to the font.

Experience of ICON design studio

The experience of the ICON design studio in the field of creating images of visual communications covers many of the above listed objects, in particular: navigation of hotels, shopping centers, offices and a water park. In our work we use a thoughtful combination of theory and practical experience. Visual perception is the simplest kind of human perception. The criterion for the quality of work in this area is balance and harmony between the graphic design and the architectural environment.


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