Functions of Customer

Implementation of design projects is a long process, which requires sufficient time and patience. Not all customers have both. To replace these, sometimes missing, components, we offer our services, freeing up the Customer's time.

Dynamics of project

To achieve certain dynamics in the implementation of the design project, serious involvement in the process is necessary from the part of all participants. Often all the questions are directed to one person, namely the Customer of the project, and the dynamics slows down. Delays in agreeing on certain issues lead to delays in execution. Any delay in terms is a very strong irritating factor. They annoy everyone, because everybody’s time is limited, and the shift in the schedule is very noticeable in finite terms.

Reasonable substitution

Performing the functions of the Customer in matters related to signing and maintaining the contracts for the implementation of certain work, to agreeing on estimates or commercial offers from third parties, on arrangements for the timing and sequence of execution of individual orders, we provide a continuous process of work on the implementation of the design project.
Terms of execution of the functions of the Customer are always discussed individually.


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