Furnishing objects

The composition of most design projects includes several weighty specifications for the completion of objects with finishing materials, furniture, light, plumbing, etc. We offer our services of reliable intermediaries in furnishing apartments, country houses and commercial facilities.

Benefits of Customer

Why is it profitable? Firstly, because our experience in this complex issue of furnishing with materials, furniture and equipment is much bigger than the Customer's experience. Consequently, the time required is much less. Secondly, the final result will be more precise, because for us all the advantages and disadvantages of those proposals that exist today in the market are more obvious. Thirdly, we are familiar with the ways of overcoming possible complexities in the issues of the assembly of objects.

Common practice

The request for assistance in furnishing objects with selected finishing materials, furniture or equipment remains a very common appeal to us on most projects. We can offer our experience and acquaintances for the execution of this service. Delegating this task to our studio specialists involves saving a significant amount of the Customer’s time, accuracy and speed of execution, and minimum additional costs.


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