Architectural lighting

Architectural lighting is of great importance for shaping the appearance of building in the dark.

Business card of building

With the help of modern light technologies, it is possible to perfectly emphasize all the obvious advantages of the building and vice versa, hide the unsightly fragments, if any. The architectural illumination of the building is its business card at night.

Change of night and day

Architectural design predetermines design of the spatial environment of the structure, which has shapes that can define the historical period, the cultural environment and the individual style of the architect. This combination of shapes and meanings can take different aspects when changing natural light. Architectural lighting involves the expressive use of artificial light when changing day and night.

Light effects

The purpose of architectural lighting is to use light to emphasize the significant features of a building in the absence of natural light, maintaining the historical, artistic and social significance of the structure. For proper lighting, the fixtures must have good optics. Reflectors and lenses that produce a wide range of light effects can give different light reflexes. From very focused beams of light for small objects or light details to uniform illumination of walls and vertically aspiring surfaces.

Professional approach

In this sense, professional design solutions will become answers to questions, bringing aesthetics to the environment. Every year architectural illumination becomes more and more powerful tool in a designer’s set. This is more and more obvious as every year the technologies of lighting equipment are being improved, making it more and more energy efficient. The ICON Studio has experience and own vision in creating architectural lighting projects, ranging from private housing construction projects to public buildings such as shopping malls, office buildings and many others.


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