Exterior design

We all welcome the architecture that will stand out among the others; we are also attracted by the architecture that is in harmony with its environment.

Architecture in the scale of design

Exterior design or, in other words, designing external architectural appearance can be a complex process of selecting volumes, shapes, colors, materials and lines. This is not a job for a beginner designer. The ICON studio has gained considerable experience working at similar projects. In the framework of solving problems on complex design, we have been repeatedly approached with requests for presenting our vision of a particular architectural volume. Our proposals for exterior design do not deprive our architect colleagues of work, but, rather, supplement their projects with new features that are more evident when solving problems on a design scale, rather than on an architectural scale.

Important laws of design

Have you ever thought what makes an external architectural environment visually appealing? Why do some spaces make you stop looking and feel the inner delight of contemplating beauty? It is more than likely that these stunning examples of external architecture have been constructed in compliance with the key design principles of the environmental design. Today it's no secret that any high-end design, interior or exterior, obeys some important design rules in order to make the final result more harmonious.


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