Small forms

What gives harmonious completion of this or that architectural image? Of course, professionally selected details and accents!

Important architectural addition

What can complement the beautiful architectural volume and the elegant architectural landscape? Carefully selected and designed small architectural forms serve as important connecting elements, and provide an opportunity to create the ideal architectural environment, as well as emphasize the uniqueness of the architecture itself. They provide an opportunity to bring beauty, charm and refinement, and aesthetically enrich the territory as a whole!

Types and categories

Small architectural forms have their own functions. They are divided into categories of utilitarian and decorative nature. Small architectural forms of the utilitarian nature include pavilions, benches, bridges, stairs, fences, flower gardens, small pools, signposts, etc. The decorative forms include sculptures, vases, bars and much more.

Compliance with architectural environment

People instinctively seek comfortable space for restoring internal forces. That architectural environment that shapes the world around and makes you feel good is always competently supplemented with small architectural forms.

Experience in designing

The ICON studio is the author of many original designs of small architectural forms that regularly replenishes its portfolio year after year, designing new and new objects of small architecture.


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