Design of public interiors

Design of restaurant
What do you think about choosing a restaurant for romantic dinner, family dinner or business meeting? About food and atmosphere. Firstly, we completely rely on chief cook’s genius; secondly, we take the responsibility for…
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Design of hotels
We can forgive everything to our flat or cottage but hotels must always be at their top. They have an important place in busy days full of new places, people, walks and adventures…
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Design of shops
Experts from the retail design industry give wider meaning and interpretation to trade in modern world. “Shop as brand” distinguishes the identity of the brand main values…
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Design of offices
Good design of office interiors need and must have investments but these expenses are much cheaper than using a badly-organized and unreasoned office! You don’t need to consult a specialist to understand this thing…
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Design of café
During the work on projects, a designer is a tireless researcher, before creating new aesthetic experience and new environment it is necessary to look at the things that have come through test of time…
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Design of shopping center
Our team of architects and designers has large practical experience of commercial spaces development. This knowledge lets us understand what we need to do so that the object has resonance value…
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Design of public interiors imposes different and often higher requirements for designers; it requires special knowledge and skills. In his work, a designer, first of all, bases not only on personal tastes and preferences of his client but largely on social level tasks. Functional demands to public interiors have come to replace client’s self-expression. Expressing corporate entity of the brand, we use elements of its corporate style taking social functions and technological aspects of the interior into account. In any case the work must be done perfectly well! The ICON design studio has special knowledge backed by many years of professional experience in creating concepts and executing project documentation for public interiors - offices, shopping centers, shops, hotels and restaurants.

Our commitment to total client satisfaction starts with the object peculiarities defining and target setting. Before start, the ICON design studio experts define the most important moments which will help to prepare the technical task to the fullest extent. As we work consistently and professionally, the result will be expectably positive for the client.


The project involves a lot of details to work out, we try to consider all aspects - from analysis of corporate culture elements and object concept questions to development of furniture design and visual merchandising elements. We are also ready to control the effectiveness of project implementation. Acting on our clients’ part, we are ready to make careful analysis of the quality of conformity of execution of internal finishing, nodes and junctions.


The ICON design studio team can effectively reveal the functionality of spaces not losing design intent and not exceeding pre-allocated budget expected for the project by its investor. Our knowledge and experience in providing creative solutions using the newest technologies and innovative products, lets implement projects in shortest terms limited by the market conditions.

Every project is unique, suggest you see this!

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