Design of café

During the work at projects a designer is a tireless researcher, before creating new aesthetic experience and new environment, it is necessary to address things that have come through test of time. Living and constantly changing space of modern worldview is canvas for creating unique and new solutions.


Café is not restaurant


Getting to work on café interior design, we imagine the image of comfortable and cozy and democratic environment. Café is not a restaurant. The atmosphere is less ceremonial here. Its guests are not controlled while getting to sit that is typical of restaurants. Waiters are not always present here. Scenario of service, dishes, time for visitors – everything is different in cafes. All these peculiarities are taken into account in project idea of café design and its practical implementation. You’d better let professional make your café or bar design.


Spirit of innovations


We always learn from the experience of others, experience of our colleagues and experience of creating cafes and bars. We bring our own vision, spirit and feeling of harmonious space into every new and unusual design of cafes. Our spirit is spirit of innovations that is a key to our success. We always listen to our Clients’ wishes attentively considering the specificity of designed facilities.


Criteria for evaluation


Best design of café interiors offer some relations between harmonious rhythm, volume, shape, texture and color. All of that forms the cafe aesthetics that is comfortable for usual visitors. Enthusiastic reviews of our guests have always been the criteria for evaluation of our work.



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