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We can forgive everything to our flat or cottage but hotels must always be at their top. They have an important place in busy days full of new places, people, walks and adventures. They should give full rest and at the same time new harmonious atmosphere that sounds like the city and person’s mood. The “ICON” design studio has been developing design projects in the hospitality industry during 10 years. Classic, modern, expressive and laconic interiors of hotels are made by a team of our international level professionals.


Our work


Cooperation brings new solutions. That is why we always work in close conjunction with our clients, we fix their thoughts and wishes, we find ways to implement them. Every project starts with a clear plan of the project implementation and its peculiarities. We ask fundamental questions about the hotel concept, its brand and guests. Only having received full image of the task and understood the future hotel atmosphere, we start making design of its hall, corridors and rooms.


Our portfolio


We have a large number of design-projects of hotels, hotel apartments and other spaces  from the hospitality industry among our works. Somewhere modern asketicism exists, somewhere luxurious furniture like in the royal apartments, somewhere a famous designer armchair has found its perfect place. In our portfolio we have visualizations and photos of hotels design which can be good examples to look at solutions and details.



Our achievements


 The ICON international level means projects which are implemented for European clients, and rave reviews which our projects get. Design of hotels is the best example as, first of all, it’s aimed at foreign guests and foreign critics.


Our knowledge


Academic education and rich practical experience in different styles and genres is an important advantage of the “ICON” team. We base on fundamental laws of design and look for new ambitious solutions for a design project of every hotel. Share your ideas with us, and we will find a way to implement them harmonically into life. Ask any questions


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