Design of offices

Good design of office interiors need and must have investments but these expenses are much cheaper than using a badly-organized and unreasoned office! You don’t need to consult a specialist to understand this thing. It is obvious.


Looking into the future


Those years passed when offices were like cabins surrounded by white walls with a fax on the table and fluorescent lamps on the ceiling. Due to such corporate giants as Google and other companies which demonstrated great success in creating modern office design. Despite of their non-traditional  workplaces, more and more people adopt the idea that creative working atmosphere helps to stimulate minds and inspire for innovations. “Thoughtful” office space, correctly created office interior design is a significant pledge of successful work.


Beautiful, comfortable and functional


The place where you work every day, should be not only aesthetically attractive but also most functional, comfortable and practical. Basing on the principles of ergonomics, we suggest making office design that is most suitable for one activity or another. Design project of office interiors should consider both common demands to office space design and individual demands of concrete company or its structural divisions.


Design variability


Experience and skills of the ICON studio will help to organize spaces for work of operational staff, managers and company executives correctly. We will offer options of design for reception, conference room, meeting room, office halls and other office spaces taking special features of workers and companies activities into account. Stylish and well thought out design is an obvious feature of the company’s attentive attitude to its clients and workers. We suggest you to look at the best design of the office created by the ICON design studio for last years on our portfolio pages.


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