Design of shopping center

Our team of architects and designers has large practical experience of commercial spaces development. This knowledge lets us understand what we need to do so that the object has resonance value.


Basic concept


The most significant project of shopping center design made by our experts, has been the “GRANDE ORCHIDEE” fashion center in Lappeenranta (Finland). This project square is several thousand meters. It is called the largest center of brand clothing in northern Europe. There are cosmetics and underwear sections, footwear and leather goods sections, men's and women's clothing sections, and children's clothing sections in the shopping center. Several places are given for boutiques with goods of various fashion brands. The fashion center has also a café named L’Avenue, rest areas, changing rooms, offices and storage areas, rooms for business needs, rooms for staff.


Approach to project


In our work we base on search of unique and harmonious space. Active research of this topic gives an opportunity to study, understand and implement most original and fresh innovative solutions. Shopping center design means works from the general to the particular and from the specific details back to the whole volume.


Scope of works


The shopping center design project traditionally includes making predesigned drafts. A complete set of the “construction project” documentation. Developing of lighting concept, choosing decoration materials, developing complex assemblies

and parts of the shopping center design project. Further we make “furniture set” that includes detailed drafts and drawings of furniture and equipment including price tags, displays, signs, etc. The finishing stage of work on the project is decorating. We choose most suitable examples of décor and define clear place ащк each selected product over huge area of the shopping center.


Final result


You can feel design integrity, pronounced corporate style, fresh design solutions and, at the same time, presence of immutable rules of architecture and design in every detail of the created project.


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