Design of shops


Experts from the retail design industry give wider meaning and interpretation to trade in modern world. “Shop as brand” distinguishes the identity of the brand main values.


Arena for leisure


Today shops are not only a place for buying goods but also a place for communication and social interaction. A shop is a kind of arena for leisure and consumption. For some people shops and shopping is a kind of emotional energy revival. It is the very place where we discover the importance of emotional and esthetical effect of interior design influence on client’s feelings. Shopping-therapy is quite a definite category that supposes positive influence on person’s condition via original environment that is a sphere of clothes, shoes, accessories, perfume and cosmetics trade.




Clients have become participants of the most important processes of brand forming. Shops are treated as interactive creative environment now. For example, the “fashion” category shops guest contacting the environment, solves concrete creative tasks to search and choose definite look that can externally improve and refresh existing or earlier existed external image. Best designs of shops initially form definite scenario of using the space. Light, color, sсents and music existing in these spaces influence the sense organs helping to make expected image.


Attitude to consumers


Shop design considers that it is also necessary to take the very trade methods into consideration. A well decorated shop can be easily opposed to a simple pile of trade equipment and goods. Trade hall decoration just like shop showcase design, is undoubtedly great art. Every client will exactly evaluate shop façade design that is decorated with taste. He will see attitude to the very client and his ego in the harmonic cooperation and complementary of all the design components.




In spite of online trade rise, real spaces for buying goods will never disappear. Year by year trade gets new peculiarities and new tendencies. Shops owners have never come across such tasks to decorate trade spaces as nowadays. Now the main accent is made on decoration, service and presentation of goods. These very categories make clients go back.


Design from ICON design studio


Design projects of shops decorated by the ICON studio, proved themselves as successful and attractive for customers. Original ideas, thoughtful solutions and their great implementation cause positive response among most demanding customers. We are glad to hear compliments from our customers about design made by us. We are sure that we will have many new bright and fashionable projects connected with shops design.


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