Design of residential interiors

Design of townhouse
Design of townhouse interior is not the most popular design theme. It can be easily explained. Townhouses, as an alternative to a country house, are not very common in Russian real estate market...
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Design of apartments
The design of apartments is very close in content to the design of a flat or a small house. Nevertheless the apartments have their own special features. Apartments in contrast to flats, are designed for short-term residence...
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Design of country house
Creating a design project for a country house, we think that the house should reflect the owner’s character. We believe that by combining family relics and new design elements, the open doors will tell the story of you! We believe that in the process of creating the home interior design, cooperation between the Customer and the architect is a key factor. We would like to be aware of and listen to what you feel, what you think, and what inspires you!...
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Design of cottage
The cottage, like many other words, has entered our lexicon relatively recently. Many people still make both spelling and lexical errors in the use of this word...
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Design of flat
Have you bought a new flat? A new key on the usual bunch, smell of building dust on clothes, calls, congratulations from relatives and friends. So what now?...
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The success of the studio is achieved due to attentive approach to each individual project. Creating unique projects that mainly meet the expectations and needs of the Customer, we put all our professional skills and talents into the work. This approach allows us to make dream spaces, either a cottage or a private apartment. The ICON design studio provides a variety of services for the design of residential interiors, including interiors of apartments, cottages, country houses, flats, furniture design, etc.


The process begins when we formulate the problem together. To get closer to the goal, we need to know personal wishes for a specific object. We consider your wish list and note the requirements for the overall planning. For more information, we will probably talk about your lifestyle, interests, habits, expectations. Making up questions for you, we try to understand your personality - your likes, dislikes, tastes, stylistic preferences. At this stage, we also discuss the content of the project, the terms of design work, the budget needed to implement the plans.


After we have got a general idea of ​​the concept, we begin to fine-tune the sound of the designed interior. During this period of co-creation, two things will happen - the concept of the future style will be formed, and the design direction will be chosen, and preliminary volumetric-planning decisions will be developed. Next, we proceed to the sketching and architectural detailing of the project. Making stops at certain points on our way, we check the course and make additional adjustments to the project.


As a result of our work forms full of deep respect for architecture and art disciplines, are born. We are convinced that good design is embodied in competently selected details. In the process of work we try to pay much attention to this. Each project of the ICON design studio is a multifaceted, thoughtful and unordinary space solution, created due to deep knowledge of the history of interior design and architecture, characterized by integrity and harmonious proportionality.

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