Design of apartments

The design of apartments is very close in content to the design of a flat or a small house. Nevertheless the apartments have their own special features. Apartments in contrast to flats, are designed for short-term residence.

Difference in interior

Consequently, the interior of apartments excludes the interior similar to a flat interior. This does not mean that the apartments have disadvantages compared to a house or a flat. On the contrary, the apartments have many advantages, for example, from the point of view of using it for recreation or business trips. In the apartments, you do not often see a real study or library. Such spaces are more typical for a large apartment or house. But often apartments are designed with a claim to resemble hotel rooms.

Design principles

The studio philosophy in the implementation of each design project of the apartments is simple – “to improve”. For most designers, this can mean providing high quality design for a reasonable amount of money, but for ICON, “to improve” means to bring positive changes into the world. Each project should be able to use new materials, new ideas and new forms. Designers can often be reproached for replication and quoting, but not for creation.


It is important for the ICON team to remain at the forefront of innovations, introducing new ideas necessary for the implementation of successful projects. When designing apartments, you have to solve the problem of a kind of “universality” of the apartments. The design being created can be executed not for a specific person, but for an imaginary guest, and taking conditional requests of a certain category of guests into account.


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