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The cottage, like many other words, has entered our lexicon relatively recently. Many people still make both spelling and lexical errors in the use of this word.

Lexical definition

The word “cottage” can easily be called Anglicism. Indeed, this word is of English origin. But today it is deeply embedded in the everyday life of different peoples and cultures. The word “cottage” has several different lexical definitions, but they have one sence. Cottage in the modern sense is a detached one- or two-storey house with a small plot of land. A full analogue of the word “cottage” in the Russian language is the well-known “dacha”. The cottage is often designed not for permanent, but for seasonal living.

Where to begin?

How to design and build a cottage that will satisfy the needs of the whole family? It is important even at the stage of architectural design to take care of all the details that are important for creating comfortable environment. Thought-out planning solutions make it possible to effectively use every square meter of space. When developing the interior design of the cottage, we take into account the lifestyle, habits, character, and also physiological characteristics of each member of the family. It is this principle that is considered the main one for the implementation of successful projects.

Key points

During our experience of designing country houses and cottages, we had to deal with different stylistic requests. Someone wanted to see the inner space of the cottage in the form of a village house. Someone fancied more modern style. Someone preferred Scandinavian style. Of course, we examine every stylistic direction before starting work. Together with questions of style, the questions of future comfortable operation of a cottage are solved. These are plumbing and electrical communications, installing fireplace, water treatment systems and much more.

Logic of problem formulating

Competent zoning of the space, setting the proper lighting device, selecting suitable furniture and equipment, in other words, the ergonomics of the cottage interior should be entrusted to professionals! The design of the cottage is created on the basis of detailed technical specifications. Professionals will help at the initial stage to correctly formulate the list and sequence of tasks, while following which the process will move dynamically and without errors. The result of these efforts will be an ideal embodiment of the design without gross errors and unwanted alterations.


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