Design of country house

Creating a design project for a country house, we think that the house should reflect the owner’s character. We believe that by combining family relics and new design elements, the open doors will tell the story of you! We believe that in the process of creating the home interior design, cooperation between the Customer and the architect is a key factor. We would like to be aware of and listen to what you feel, what you think, and what inspires you!

Each project is unique

Each project is unique. If you see yourself in the modern design of a country house by the lake or a luxurious castle in the medieval style, we can help to make this fantasy real! Effective realization of design and planning of country houses is promoted by the united work of a qualified team in close cooperation with the Customer, builders and suppliers. We work with passion and enthusiasm, also showing respect for the valuable financial and time resources of the Customer.

Project principles

Our architectural and design principles are based on the ability to control the house design project at each stage, from consulting in the field of architectural concepts, feasibility studies of certain decisions and up to the finally coordinating the details of construction and finishing, completion and decoration.

Individual approach

Interiors of country houses differ in many ways. The purpose, volumes, style of decorating the house - all this dictates the need for an absolutely individual approach for each projected object. Often, we have a need to unite complex of structures that somehow form the space around the country house. Bathhouses, guest houses, a guard or staff house, pavilions, BAR B.Q. zones, tennis courts and much more form the architectural environment within the boundaries of the country house site.

Time boundaries

When you start making a design project for the interiors of a country house, this process will take considerable time. In order not to get into the situation of “endless repair”, you should plan your time in advance. Poorly planned time is planned failure. In many ways, the timing for implementing the idea of organizing the house space depends on the qualifications of the specialists involved in performing certain works. Our recommendations for organizing work on making the interiors of a country house are aimed at minimizing mistakes and as accurately as possible describe the shortest path to a gracious result. Following these recommendations saves time and material resources.


“Home is watching the moon rise over the open, sleeping land and having someone you can call to the window, so you can look together”.
Stephen King

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