Design of flat

Have you bought a new flat? A new key on the usual bunch, smell of building dust on clothes, calls, congratulations from relatives and friends. So what now?

Identifying problem

Preparing to move to a new flat is exciting time. You probably found the perfect sofa as the central compositional element of your new apartment, and want to create space around it. But for every living space there is a number of unpleasant dilemmas for design. Perhaps the hallway is too narrow, and the kitchen window looks directly at the neighbors’ house. Or - Oh God! Where will the space for a pet be placed? And 99 more questions...

High qualification

The experience of ICON studio specialists in the design of flats is so informative that, perhaps, there is not a single serious issue in interior design that remains unknown. We suggest doing everything in order. It is logical to start with creating an effective spatial planning solution - this is our favorite! Next, we will visualize your interiors - as you are not a designer and you cannot clearly imagine how everything will be combined in future apartment interiors.

The primary and the secondary

The functional of the apartment is no less important than the aesthetic appeal. Thought-out engineering systems in a modern apartment are guarantees of comfortable living in it. One of the tasks for the designers of the flat interior design is finding a competent combination of technological and aesthetic components. We will develop a lighting system that will adapt to you. We will offer the most beautiful and reliable doors, comfortable faucets, suitable to design wallpaper, fabrics and much more.

Range of services

Beauty and convenience will come to replace the building dust. We will recommend you a team of finishing specialists who will be engaged in working at ventilation and heating system, and coordinate the builders and subcontractors. We will tell you exactly when and what you need to buy. Organizing the working process is our hobby! The main thing in this process is mutual trust. Not necessarily that you are striving to create an elite interior design of the apartment. Rather, you want to find harmonious environment in the interior of the flat where you will feel pleased and comfortable.


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