Design of townhouse

Design of townhouse interior is not the most popular design theme. It can be easily explained. Townhouses, as an alternative to a country house, are not very common in Russian real estate market.

The Unfamiliar

The townhouse interior includes small multi-level apartments with isolated entrances. Often it has a small piece of land in the backyard, which is used either for a small lawn or flower beds with flowers and ornamental plants. The peculiarity of the townhouse projects design is to harmoniously link two or more levels of interiors in a single space. Traditionally, the first floor of the townhouse is allocated to the kitchen, dining room, living room, and the top floor is occupied by bedrooms and study.

Approach to task

It is not an easy task to organize the space of the townhouse properly. Many people are born with good taste. To be able to distinguish the beautiful, to find harmony in things, to receive aesthetic pleasure and to be able to disclose this beautiful to others does not necessarily mean that you have the necessary skills to combine the objects of the interior, taking into account their scales, color and texture. To feel the proportions of objects taking into account the specific volumes of the surrounding space, to form harmonious color solutions, to organize the details of the interior into a single ensemble - this requires not only good taste, but first and foremost effective skills and experience!

Valuable experience

If you are not confident about how to give beauty and convenience to your townhouse, how to form a unity of perception of space, from a separate entrance with a front garden to living rooms and a garage, then you can entrust this task to professionals! The ICON studio is ready to provide its services to make design of the townhouse interior.


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