For about a hundred years, the De Riso family has been engaged in the production of confectionery products unique to their taste and performance. Salvatore De Riso, one of the representatives of this family, was recognized in 2010 and 2011 as the “Best Italian Confectioner”. Introducing the confectionery products under his own name “SalDeRiso” to the market, Salvatore has gained popularity and recognition far beyond the Amalfi Coast, where his factory has been located for many years. High quality and unique flavoring properties of cakes and pastries have become a pass to the best Italian and European restaurants. One of the connoisseurs and admirers of the SalDeRiso confectionery is the Pope. Unusual recipes, inherited from their ancestors, were creatively supplemented and kept secretly from third parties. The symbol of the SalDeRiso confectionery products is the Amalfi lemon. Its unusual taste is presented in many masterpieces of the confectioner. Delicious proportions of sponge cake, cream and toppings make every piece tasted a delight.

Do you know more discerning connoisseurs of confectionery on the planet than the citizens of St. Petersburg? It was conceived to invite them to get acquainted with the SalDeRiso products in the format of a confectionery restaurant and a confectionery boutique. For decorating the interior, chocolate shade and yellow shade, symbolizing the Amalfi lemon, has been chosen. And, of course, a little of white cream, the association with which forms the invented form of a linear lamp. Smell of coffee, taste of Italian wine, pleasant Italian music, exquisite serving, in one word – “atmosphere”. As wonderful addition to the cake, the SalDeRiso offers sorbets made of berries, confitures, liqueurs and much more.
The atmosphere of the SalDeRiso confectionery is chocolate. A little of the yellow, as a tribute to the delightful favorite ingredient of the pastry chef - lemon. Exquisite serving, smell of coffee and nice Italian music.

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